E&P Asset Valuation is time consuming and tedious
WellWorth can help you evaluate more deals!


Production Modeling
Economic Analysis
Financial Statements
Investment & Returns
Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis
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About Us

Samra Nawaz

Samra has over 4 years of experience in Energy Investment Banking and Equity Research.

She thoroughly enjoyed building and improving her excel-based financial valuation models. WellWorth was born out of her frustration with the vicious cycle of not having the time to write extensive Excel macros; instead having to perform repetitive tasks for time-critical projects...tasks which took longer because she didn't have such macros in the first place!

She has previously worked with Intrepid Financial Partners, KLR Group, and Raymond James Financial.

Samra has an MBA from Tulane University and a BBA from NUST Business School.

Vinay R. Acharya

Vinay has over 7 years of experience in the technology domain across technical and managerial roles.

He operates at the intersection of business and technology. He likes to use his software engineering and project management skills to solve business problems.

He has previously worked with Tata Consultancy Services, MAQ Software, and Gramener.

Vinay has an MBA from the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University. He graduated from IIT Bombay with a Master of Management in 2014. Vinay also has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications from the University of Mumbai.

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