Spreadsheets are losing you time and money - get ahead with WellWorth!

Corporate Financial Analysis

Large E&Ps spend ungainly amounts on custom solutions.
We have built a powerful platform for NAV and corporate financial modeling, accessible to upstream finance teams of all sizes!

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A cloud platform to streamline the workflow for finance teams at ... operating companies | non-op partners | minerals & royalties firms | PE firms | investment banks | research firms | hedge funds | lenders

Not just another reserves valuation tool!

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Samra Nawaz
Co-founder & CEO

Product Design & Commercialization

Samra has experience in upstream oil & gas investment banking. She has previously worked at Raymond James, KLR Group, and Intrepid Financial Partners. She has an MBA in Finance & Energy from Tulane University.

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Vinay R. Acharya


Vinay has experience in enterprise technology & data analytics. He has previously worked at Gramener, Tata Consultancy Services, and MAQ. He has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Rice University.

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